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What are the features of a good chair?
When looking to buy a good chair, some features are mandatory :
  • Adjustability - Make sure the seat height is adjustable.
  • Seat height range - Check that the seat height can be adjusted to the recommended height for the individuals who will use it.
  • Backrest - Check to see that the backrest is providing maximum support to suite comfortably.
  • Seat depth - Select the seats that suit the tallest and the shortest users according to their height.
  • Stability - Check for the stability of the chair; a five-point base is recommended.

Other features to consider : Look for features that will help someone do their job better. Adjustable Arm rests are good for computer operators. Try to determine the suitable width of armrests to the user. Try to determine weather casters or stationary chair will support the job needs done. If you need casters, choose ones that match the type of flooring you have (carpeting or hard floors).